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December 5, 2013

Vaccine Side Effects: What Every Mom Should Know

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Published on Age of Autism, by Cathy Jameson, December 01, 2013.

… Can you imagine if vaccine news stories across the mainstream channels would actually reveal all there is to know about the vaccine–including the bad stuff?  I’m talking about the side effects, the lingering pain and the secondary illnesses that turn into everyday struggles after receiving a vaccination.  That information should be discussed more openly in the exam room and in the news but hardly seems to be.  I know this because I’ve been there in that exam room before and never got that sort of information. 

People I speak to today about their vaccine encounters say the same thing.  When I hear from them, as they reach out to me for help, it’s clear that the right things are still not being said: “When do I worry about this rash?  The doctor didn’t tell me anything!” “What? I never knew you can still get the chickenpox after getting the chickenpox vaccine!”  “What should I do about this fever?  It’s so high, and it won’t go down!”

Side effects aren’t being mentioned in the articles I’ve viewed lately, and the moms I run into are still unaware of them, so it’s time to expose them for what they are.  Side effects are dangerous.  Side effects happen.  They can, and will, a last long after a vaccine is administered.

Now, some people may be aware of side effects if they’ve done any kind of basic research.  The CDC tells us that side effects can be mild, moderate or severe.  Basic information might also come from a medical provider who takes the time to have a conversation about them.  Information may also come from the VIS (Vaccine Information Sheet).  This handout, usually a two-sided piece of paper, is required by law to be given to someone receiving certain vaccines.

Basic is good, but getting as much information as possible is better.

With as many things that can go wrong with vaccines, you’d think reading each of the package inserts  would be required reading.  Maybe then people would understand more about them like who it’s been tested on (or not tested on), how long it was studied, what it’s made of and what it’s been known to do to the body.  But, since that document isn’t the one that is usually shared with patients, here’s a quick recap of the side effects that can happen post vaccination (note: this is not a complete list): … //

… (full long text).


Video: Vaccine Court and Autism, Truth In Media, 10.29 min, on Dissident Voice, by Ben Swann, Dec 3, 2013 / also on YouTube: Ben Swann Truth in Media takes a look at Vaccine Court established by Congress in 1985 and what that court has meant for families of vaccine injured children. Plus, has HHS secretly awarded families of autistic children damages while publicly stating there is no connection between autism and vaccines?

New evidence shows MMR link to autism, on Mail Online, by Beezy Marsh, August 9, 2002: … Scientists reported finding a strong association between the vaccine and an immune system reaction which is thought to play a role in autism. The team led by Dr Vijendra Singh analysed blood samples from 125 autistic children and 92 children who did not have the disorder. In 75 of the autistic children they found antibodies showing there had been an abnormal reaction to the measles component of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. Nine out of ten of those children were also positive for antibodies thought to be involved in autism …;

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