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January 5, 2014

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in english:  

  • Grapefruit juice interaction with drugs can be deadly: Increasing number of drugs interact dangerously with ‘forbidden fruit’, on CBCnews/health, Nov 26, 2012 … (with long list: Selected drugs that interact with grapefruit) … (voir en français dans l’article séparé suivant).
    my comment: BUT, if you do NOT take any medics, like me, and like it was normal some 70 years ago, then grapefruit is your best friend. In any way, I think our society is not only sick, but mad in the mind to believe needing all this constant pharmaceutical attacs against the body.
  • /Spice and /Medicinal plants on en.wikipedia

en français:

auf deutsch:

speziell die Gesundheits-Typs aus dem KOPP-Verlag:

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