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July 1, 2010

Keep your Blood Sugar in Balance and Start a new LIFE

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  • Create a healthy Lifestyle for Yourself. Make the Cells in your Body burn more Sugar and create more Vital Energy for all your life’s Purposes.
  • Many Health Issues has it’s Root in the Fact, that the Cells gradually loose the Ability to burn Sugar.
  • My Concept repaired my Cells, and now I am as good as new again. I want to help People do the same, and Enable them to help each other.



Diabetes II is a disease that simply gets worse, if you don’t take effective action against it.

Unfortunately, medications only treat the symptoms and usually do nothing to address the underlying causes. The best way to manage your diabetic condition is to address the actual cause.

Diabetes, the real problem!

  • 1) a long-term diet that has been high in carbohydrates
  • 2) nutritional deficiencies (Effect of excess insulin)
  • Insulin’s job is to push the blood sugar into the cells.
  • The more carbohydrates consumed, the higher your blood sugar goes. In response, your body produces insulin.
  • On the surface of the cells in your body are insulin receptors, which act like little doors,  that open and close to regulate the inflow of blood sugar.
  • After many years of consuming a high-carbohydrate diet, your cells have been bombarded with so much insulin that these doors begin to malfunction and shut down
  • With less doors open, your body needs to produce even more insulin to push the glucose into the cells.
  • More insulin causes even more doors to close and as this vicious cycle continues, a condition called “insulin resistance” sets in.
  • When your body can no longer produce enough insulin to push the blood sugar into the cells, type 2 diabetes results. It is simply an extreme case of “insulin resistance”.

The key point for you to understand is that your energy, wellness and longevity are primarily dependent on improving the sensivity of your cells to insulin – how well your cells open and close the doors and clear sugar from the blood.

Since type 2 diabetes is really a severe case of insulin resistance, the solution is to find a way to increase the sensivity of your cells to insulin.


Effect of excess Insulin:

  • Chromium is critical to blood sugar metabolism and as a diabetic you can be pretty sure that you are severely deficient in this nutrient.
  • Calcium and Magnesium are also depleted by excess insulin,  which can cause many problems, as they are critical to over 200 biochemical processes in your body.
  • Other very important nutrients which excess insulin causes you to be deficient in are Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vanadium, B Complex vitamins, essential fatty acids and many more.

Your choices:

  • Now that you know how and why people develop type 2 diabetes and know some of the consequences of not controlling your blood sugar level, here are your choices:
  • You can continue on with what you’ve been doing,  or
  • You can use a safe and effective way to control your blood sugar with absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS !! – GUARANTEED !!
  • Fortunately, your body has miraculous healing powers, is very resilient and operates in a very intelligent manner. It can be repaired. If you give it the right fuel and the right nutrients, it will respond quickly. Some exercise and the right attitude also help!

To do list

  • The first step is to switch your body from an untamed nutrient-depleting and fat-storing machine into a clean, nutrient-rich, fat-burning machine

To do this you must

  • 2) Restrict the carbohydrates in your diet
  • 3) Take the right nutritional supplements

These two actions are not optional or  negotiable!

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