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August 1, 2010


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Phytosterine: Phytosterols (also called plant sterols) are a group of steroid alcohols, phytochemicals naturally occurring in plants.

Phytosterols occur naturally in small quantities in vegetable oils, especially sea buckthorn oil (1640 mg/100g oil),[1] corn oil (968 mg/100g),[2] and soybean oil (327 mg/100g oil).[3] One such phytosterol complex, isolated from vegetable oil, is cholestatin, composed of campesterol, stigmasterol, and brassicasterol, and is marketed as a dietary supplement. They are white powders with mild, characteristic odor, insoluble in water and soluble in alcohols. They have applications in medicine and cosmetics and as a food additive taken to lower cholesterol … (full long text).

Phytosterine, auch Phytosterole, sind eine Gruppe von in Pflanzen vorkommenden chemischen Verbindungen aus der Klasse der Sterine. Sie unterscheiden sich von den tierischen Zoosterinen und den Mycosterinen der Pilze durch eine Doppelbindung an C-22 und C1- oder C2-Substituenten an C-24. Die hydrierten Formen (5a-Hydrierung) der jeweiligen Phytosterine werden als Phytostanole bezeichnet. Die Phytosterine kommen in den Pflanzen frei, in Ester- oder in Glycosid-Form sowie im unverseifbaren Anteil von pflanzlichen Fetten und Ölen vor. Die häufigsten pflanzlichen Sterine sind Stigmasterin, ß-Sitosterin und Campesterin.[1] Phytosterine fungieren als strukturelle Komponente in der Zellmembran von Pflanzen, analog dem Cholesterin in der Zellmembran von Tieren … (full long text).

Phytosterin (Phytosterol) and phytostanolhaltige food are suitable for the reduction of the Cholesterinspiegels. The admission should 3 g of Sterine per day, according to 20 – since an increase of the dose does not cause further reduction of the Cholesterinspiegels ,  in addition, should be to 30 g margarine, not to exceed, not under a gram. The admission of Phytosterinen in the normal food is not sufficient for the lowering of the Cholesterins. A lowering of the Cholesterins over approx. 10% can be expected.
It should be guaranteed that persons, who do not suffer from increased blood fat values children, pregnant woman and satisfying Mrs. – and completely particularly persons, who suffer from Phytosterolämie – these food to itself do not take.
Possible reduction in the admission of fat-soluble Vitamine (A and E) should be given attention … (full text).

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