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December 31, 2013

Index July – December 2013

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2013-08-07: notre santé / our health;
2013-08-29: Za’atar – articles and recipes;
2013-08-29: health links / liens pour la santé;
2013-08-31: Web statistics for all our blogs – August 2013;
2013-09-12: links on autism, herbs and other concerns;
2013-09-21: Dysbiose;
2013-09-21: 10 abominations;
2013-09-24: more health links;
2013-09-29: Science Confirms Turmeric As Effective As 14 Drugs …;
2013-09-30: statistics September 2013;
2013-10-03: Est-ce que la plongée sportive est aussi pour les vieilles femmes;
2013-10-14: some health links;
2013-10-23: links for health and recipes – liens de santé et de recettes;
2013-10-26: Das Geheimnis der Heilung;
2013-11-03: A Cure for Africa’s Common Cold – why Malaria Persists;
2013-11-07: links on gesundheit – santé – health … new links are ongoingly updated;
2013-11-21: news about health – et d’autres – und mehr;
2013-11-23: Les Pouvoirs du Kéfir;
2013-11-29: Diabète: intervenir sur le rôle du cerveau;
2013-12-05: Vaccine Side Effects: What Every Mom Should Know;
2013-12-08: Video: petition concernant les vaccinations;
2013-12-31: statistics year 2013.
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statistics year 2013

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I): for all blogs running under WORLD-CITIZENSHIP.ORG / Dec 31 / 09.57h:   (more…)

December 8, 2013

Video: petition concernant les vaccinations

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Ne laissez pas votre médecin …, 9.11 min, … vous injecter des vaccins à adjuvants dangereux. Surtout, ne vous laissez jamais vacciner de force, et signez la petition sur le site web de l’Institut pour la Protection de la Santé Naturelle IPSN: Homepage; Plan du site; Actualités; Newsletter; Adresse et Contact: IPSN, Rue du Vieux Marché au Grain 48, 1000 Bruxelles/Belgique.


December 5, 2013

Vaccine Side Effects: What Every Mom Should Know

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Published on Age of Autism, by Cathy Jameson, December 01, 2013.

… Can you imagine if vaccine news stories across the mainstream channels would actually reveal all there is to know about the vaccine–including the bad stuff?  I’m talking about the side effects, the lingering pain and the secondary illnesses that turn into everyday struggles after receiving a vaccination.  That information should be discussed more openly in the exam room and in the news but hardly seems to be.  I know this because I’ve been there in that exam room before and never got that sort of information.  (more…)

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